Saturday, April 18, 2020

Top 5 Fast food restaurants

#5 McDonalds is hit or miss, but they remain in the top 5 due to menu items like the Big Mac, buttermilk chicken tenders, and two cheeseburger meal. Not to mention, their sundaes aren't bad, and neither is their hot or iced coffee. When there's a McDonalds available, I'm lovin it.

#4 The Wendy's menu benefits from hefty burger options, like the Baconator, and smaller dollar menu alternatives, like the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger. The burger buns are typically good, and you might be surprised by the freshness of the lettuce and tomato they provide. When your day isn't going so hot, you can stop the madness with an ice cold Frosty.

#3 Nathans offers classic Coney island taste and memorable hot dog crispness and flavors. There's a reason why the ultimate hot dog eating championship is held at a Nathans. Their fries are notable but it's really about the idea of crushing down a two hot dog meal like a boss, then proceeding to rock the socks off of everyone you encounter afterwards.

#2 Burger King is a fast food haven for the enlightened. Their signature Whopper sandwich gives you a larger burger than McDonalds could ever dream about offering, and their chicken tenders with Tangy barbeque sauce, if dished out properly, will give you that awesome feeling like you can't get anywhere else. Lasting memories are created at B.K. for a reason and that's why they rank so highly on this Top 5 list.

#1 Ranch 1 is simply unrivaled. You don't have to feel like a sloppy mess when you decide to eat there, because they offer what seem like legitimately healthy options. Their grilled chicken sandwiches are prepared to excellent taste. It's the type of place you could order several trays from at the mall's food court and sit there basking in glory of how epic your life has become. When someone asks you where you've been all day and you mention the words Ranch 1, watch for their subtle nod of approval, as if to confirm, you sir are a champion.

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