Friday, January 17, 2020

Cinnamon Toast Crunch: Churros cereal review

I bought this box of cereal yesterday. I'm 24-hours in, and it's sitting on my kitchen table, beckoning me. "Eat me, Mike!" it's softly calling me.

You might be wondering, "Why did you buy this, and why do you want to eat Churros for breakfast?" The reason is simple. I don't know. I just saw them at the store and figured, hey those look like a fun time.

 For breakfast this morning I had a plain bagel and some donuts already (I think I've had 3, because I honestly can't control myself), so the cereal may have to wait until later today, or tomorrow, but I'm excited. I'll leave it at that until I pop this bad boy open. Let's go!!

When it comes to churros, my personal history with the item isn't exactly incredible. I can't remember a single place I've had a churro at, although I'm sure I've had one, at least once. They're the type of item you buy at places I somewhat loathe, including theme parks and perhaps the mall. I'm not totally opposed to shopping malls, but I haven't been to one (by choice) in probably a decade.

As it pertains to fondness, I'd probably favor a different variety of fried dough, perhaps funnel cake. Yet, a churro-specific memory escapes me, until now at least. At around 11:30 am I dove in.

My inital reaction was, "This tastes like Cap'n'Crunch," but halfway through my inaugural bowl of "Churros" I moved past this cheap comparison. They stand on their own, from their predecessor and namesake Cinnamon Toast Crunch or CTC as I like to refer to them, mostly due to the fact they are puffed with a substantial amount of air at some point during their creation process.

I wouldn't say this cereal is delicious or even memorable. The individual pieces themselves are larger than I expected, and this wasn't a let down. These aren't on the level of "French Toast Crunch" or whatever that version of this cereal line is. These are merely a novelty, and not worthy of devotion, but rather acknowledgement. I salute you Churros, until next time. - Mike

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