Thursday, January 30, 2020

Return to skating way past my prime

Four years ago I started skateboarding again after stopping for a while. I actually started skateboarding around age 10 but would start and stop quite a bit, many times for several years.

My return lasted a solid three or four months. At first I only skated stationary (for about a month). I was diligent with a daily routine of skating at 5 AM when no one else was at a public park. I used to skate on a handball court that was decently flat. My goal was to land a series of tricks I wrote down and had pinned up on my wall. These included some easier stuff (front 180 ollie, fakie ollie) and some more difficult tricks (for me, at least) were Fakie big spin, and heelflip.

Eventually I rolled my ankle really hard and I also fell really hard (unexpectedly) and my confidence dipped. But, I was able to document this final hurrah of skating by using a Flip cam, and have the clips on a YouTube page, which is cool.

And at one point during the process I felt I wouldn't be able to land the big spin or the heelflip, but I kept pushing through and eventually one day they both clicked. It was a fun time and I definitely gained a new appreciation for skating through this exercise. I'm not sure I can still pop any tricks, but I fool myself into thinking I can still skate every so often. - Mike

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