Saturday, February 8, 2020

Top 5 ROH Wrestlers (Feb. 2020)

Top 5 RING OF HONOR Wrestlers (Feb. 2020)

#1. PJ Black
PJ Black is the best technician in the ring, and also has the best presence as a classic wrestler, in terms of in-ring showmanship and swagger. He combines old-school and new-school styles. He is clearly a seasoned pro and highly entertaining. He is one of the best wrestlers I've ever seen, to be quite honest.

#2. Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor has a unique gimmick that seems to suspend reality. He displays an awareness of his character but also dips into what must be a real desire to achieve greatness and make a name for himself. The viewer is forced to wonder what's real and what's for the cameras.

#3. Danhausen
Danhausen is like an odd combination of Sting and Ed Grimley. He combines pop culture kitsch with a unique sense of bizarre macabre that is scintillating to watch. When I saw him jam a vial of teeth into the mouth of his opponent I was stunned by the genius of it all.

#4. Cheeseburger
Cheeseburger sold me when he entered the ring wearing a Cowboy-style outfit with a sheepskin collar to his jacket, looking like a rock star. At such swag levels, and with a name like Cheeseburger, because, "Who doesn't like Cheeseburgers?" his solid in-ring presence and ability to be a high-flyer make him worth paying attention to.

#5. Joe Hendry
Joe Hendry is a welcomed on-screen talent. He presents a feel-good message and is genuinely fun to watch and follow. He sells a smile-inducing, goofy gimmick of a man with an inflated self image, or high-esteem of himself, and tacks on some classic wrestler looks and mojo to his presentation. Whether he's a heel or he's over, his ability to bring comic relief to the table is noted.

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