Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Has there ever been a realistic movie about soccer?

I've often seen cinematic depiction of soccer and wondered, "Why is this so unrealistic?"  When it comes to other sports... Basketball, Football, Baseball, Boxing... there are various realistic movies about these sports (whether on the professional, high school, or even recreational level).

Friday Night Lights, Rocky, Bad News Bears, White Men Can't Jump... these are the names that come to mind when asked, "What's the quintessential ______ movie?" Insert sport in the blank.

But what about soccer?  I played it from age 7 until I was in my mid-twenties, at various levels including both on a nationally ranked top 25 NCAA team, and against semi-professional competition, and I can honestly say, when it comes to soccer, there is no realistic movie that's literally ever been made.

The closest we have is... "Ladybugs."

A couple of months back I was feeling particularly inspired, and a sort of divine inspiration hit me. It was upon this cool and sunny day that I decided to pen my own screenplay about soccer. What is the movie I'd want to see?  It is... an original screenplay starring both myself and Tracy Morgan, known as "The United States of Reject." I read my original script into the microphone and posted it on my "Mind of Mike" YouTube channel. Check it out below. - Mike

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