Thursday, September 2, 2021

Year 3: My NFL Score Prediction App on the Google Play Store

I'm about to kick off my third consecutive year as an app developer with my NFL Score Prediction app on the Google Play Store.

I started work on this application in January of 2016, over five years ago. Since then the web app has gone through various iterations, and over the past three years I've solidified some of design concepts.

One of the biggest design decisions for me was to make the application anonymous. To pay homage of the Internet of yesteryear, I only ask for a username and a password. I don't collect E-mail addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, ask you for your identity, or anything. Why not?

Let's face it. This is an application that collects score predictions for football games. Do I really need to know anything else from my users? Nope. It's just for fun. It's not that serious.

One of the new functionalities for this year (2021-22)

Some updates for this year include a page that tracks your accuracy with some "visual analytics" which are in fact, bar graphs. I've also included the ability to view any users progress, whereas in the past I limited the Leaderboard to the Top 25 users only.

Some features that I should probably include going forward are: Detailed tracking of wrong and inaccurate predictions, and the ability to share your prowess with a "Share" button social media, maybe a button to randomize picks for each week. Just some ideas.

To help promote this app, I've started filming some YouTube videos where I break down my predictions.

As the season progresses I will upload some more videos to showcase the application. - Mike

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